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Would you sell your home and travel the world?

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Home Sweet Home, How We Sold our House, Created a New Life, and Saw the World is the next book I want to read! I just listened to an interview on CBS News this morning with retirees and authors Tim and Lynn Martin who sold their home and traveled the world renting apartments and houses for a month or more at a time. Why sell the house? Susan says they didn’t want it hanging over their head. “I don’t want someone to call and say the water heater is broken. It ruins the romance.”

Gayle King comments about their choice, “Most people live their lives with a vast empty plateau between boredom and routine.” I am thinking about yesterday and how after I potted flowers and went to the grocery store, how utterly bored I felt. Whenever I travel to a new country I feel alive again. I have visited 15 countries around the globe but I want to double this before I die. Susan explains, “The most fun is meeting the people and embracing change. And learning all the time.”

Charlie Rose said, “I hope everyone is watching this. You give new definition to retirement!”

Is it time to have a conversation with your spouse? Do you think you could leave your family and friends? Sell or store all of your belongings? Would you miss feeling connected to a community or create new friends? Their motto is Postpone Nothing. Don’t ninety-nine percent of us just postpone everything?

Charlie Rose asks, “How long will you keep doing this?” Her answer, “Till the wheels fall off!”

I admire their courage. I really think it would be a healthy step toward letting go of material objects. I have too many things. You can’t take it with you. Where do you want to go first? I re commend Phucket, Thailand. Our daughter lived and worked there, teaching English. The snorkeling trip, the cuisine, the open markets, the massages for five dollars… My husband just walked in the door. I need to talk to him now.


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