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Lookee here–a Laptop for me!

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photo (1)If I am going to blog, I need to be able to write anywhere. The problem is that all of my life I have written at a desk and I know I am seen as the proverbial dinosaur much like the previous generation who used only typewriters because they feared that new device–the computer. So here I am now in the living room with my Lenovo touch screen and windows 8 point something or other. whooohoooo. Coffee shops in quaint European cafes not far behind. I don’t what the hell I am doing!

My husband already wishes he never ordered it. The tutorial manual is on line but I can’t find it. “Ray, Can you help me?” I tried to transfer my pictures from my iPhone but only 96 came–where are the other 768? So I just sent one picture from my phone and found it on the desktop. Look how happy I appear. HELP ME. I could pay you. Cheaper than getting a divorce.


One thought on “Lookee here–a Laptop for me!

  1. Hey welcome to your laptop. Enjoying reading your blog sis!

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