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Throughout elementary school there was always some social studies project about school safety or American Indians which required poster board and colored pencils and some artistic talent or least spatial knowledge so that you didn’t run out of room for the title. The pressure continued through high school and college—tests and term papers– looming over your head like cartoon bubbles saying, “YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT!” Then you enter the workforce and the stress mounted but at least there was a paycheck.  Is it any wonder that retirees forget that they can stop the merry-go-round. Now the projects should be of your own choosing and the deadlines arbitrary.

I had this idea that the only way I could be a successful writer is to write every day. If I began a blog or a Facebook Page, it would be great discipline to post a new entry every day or every other day. Without thinking I have created a dummy deadline. Every blog must say something important or be well-written. I have standards to uphold and potential publishers who may read my work and catapult me to fame. I am not going to post pictures of my lunch.

I think most people like a routine because then they know what is expected and they can know exactly what I coming. I guess some writers establish a routine so that they feel like they accomplish something, but just pitting any words on a page is not working for me.

My latest insights on my Facebook page indicate that I have the same number of followers last week as I do this week, Yet my weekly total reach was down 32.9% from last week. The reason is that people read my column but it only comes out every two weeks. Sorry, folks. I will try to post something interesting in the interim, but yesterday was a glorious sunny day and I didn’t want to have to write about it.


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