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Writing Classes

Personal essay  2011

On Saturday, February 2, 2011 from 10:30-12:30, the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild will be hosting a single-session seminar in “Writing the Personal Essay.” Whether your story is about a life -changing or humorous event or a hot topic you feel passionate about, participants will learn how to focus on the important first paragraph, develop tight organization and get at their truth through thoughtful word selection. Participants who are asked to send the instructor a draft of an essay they are working on or have started but don’t’ know how to finish, will receive a written critique from the instructor, Lisa Graff, who will offer individualized suggestions and advice   In addition, participants will receive feedback from others in the workshop as they read aloud their 800-1200 word essays in a relaxed, professional, and encouraging environment.


Memoir class  2012, 2013, 2014

In this workshop you can share your life stories–not necessarily for publication but to set the record straight. How can your essay make us feel a part of your life?  We will be reading and revising essays between 500-1200 words which may or may not be part of a longer work. You will find ways to tighten your prose and to shape your story into a more compelling one. Participants will read their essays to the class the first Saturday and exchange feedback. Then they will revise their essays during the next week and share their rewrites with the class the following Saturday. Everyone has a story worth writing–join the fun!


6 week Memoir Class description:

Everyone has a story worth telling, but sometimes we need some guidance in choosing a memory which is important to us but also of interest to our families and the public. How do we narrow the scope and focus of our project? In this 6 week workshop you can choose to share one, two or possibly three of your life stories. Maybe you want to keep working on one story or perhaps you want to experiment by writing something new. You will be encouraged to brainstorm a list of possible topics and delve deeply into the question: What is it I really want to write about? We will practice editing an essay which is not our own. Through constructive, personal feedback from the teacher and the class, you will find ways to tighten your prose and to shape your story into a more compelling one. Writers are asked to email one first draft 600-1200 words (NO LONGER) to the instructor one week prior to class and to bring copies of their work for all participants. Then let the self-discovery begin!


Delaware Technical  University 2014

Ages 11-15 June 24-28,     9-12  am

Writing Your Way

Writing should not be hard work—no grades, no homework, just creating compelling and engaging stories which allow readers to experience what matters to you most. You can write in whatever form inspires you from prose (memoir, fiction) to poetry and read your work out loud in a safe, positive environment. Each writer can also bring a longer out of class piece (500-1,000 words) for a written critique by Lisa Graff, published author of numerous essays in magazines such as Woman’s World, Delaware Beach Life and her hometown newspaper, The Washington Post.


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